WWE NXT Result And Report For 10 October 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

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The atmosphere was electric in the WWE NXT arena as “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes, one-half of the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, stepped into the ring. The audience erupted, chanting his name and joining in a spontaneous “YEET” chant. Without the Tag Team Titles by his side, Rhodes declared, “So, NXT Universe, whattaya wanna talk about?” He expressed his unexpected pleasure of being in the NXT ring, connecting it to the legacy of the Rhodes family and their history in Florida.

Rhodes went on to share exciting announcements. First, following the Women’s Breakout Tournament, the men will also enjoy a Breakout Tournament of their own. The crowd’s enthusiasm grew when Rhodes hinted at the revival of the “Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic”, confirming it with roaring approval. But the biggest surprise was saved for last: on a monumental evening for NXT, Shawn Michaels named Rhodes the Special Guest General Manager of NXT.

Before the applause could die down, NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov entered the ring. Celebrating his birthday, the champion warmly welcomed Rhodes to NXT. Dragunov praised Rhodes for his passion and his dedication to the WWE Universe. The Mat Dragon himself pledged to elevate the brand’s standards.

However, the atmosphere shifted when NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio and Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley made their appearance. Mysterio boldly declared himself as the unmatched superstar of the brand. Despite Dragunov’s accolades, Mysterio claimed superiority, resulting in a heated exchange. Dragunov, recalling lessons from his father, confidently dismissed Mysterio’s taunts.

The tension reached its peak when Mysterio challenged Dragunov for the NXT Championship title that very night. Rhodes, leveraging his new role, questioned Mysterio’s willingness to stake his North American Championship. Rhea Ripley jumped to Mysterio’s defense, but Dragunov was unyielding in his desire to triumph over Mysterio in the ring.

Cody Rhodes confirmed the challenge, making the match for the NXT Championship official. Anticipating the tactics of Mysterio’s ‘Judgment Day’, Rhodes added another twist to the night’s events, announcing a special guest referee – none other than the sensational LA Knight, met with deafening cheers from the audience.

In other highlights of the day, WWE legend John Cena was spotted driving to the WWE Performance Center. Meanwhile, inside the NXT viewing room, Kelly Kincaid provided a glimpse of all the performers eagerly watching the unfolding drama and awaiting their moments of glory. The stage is set for an unforgettable evening in the NXT arena.

Roxanne Perez took on Asuka in what promised to be an exhilarating face-off. However, the match didn’t live up to its full potential. While Perez gave it her all, she was clearly outplayed by the Empress of Tomorrow. Asuka’s powerful moves, including her swift kicks and a decisive roundhouse, proved too much for The Prodigy. The final three-count came as no surprise to those watching.

Just when things seemed to be winding down, Shotzi made a surprise appearance, taking down Kiana James. James had appeared intent on targeting Perez, but Shotzi was quick to intervene. Her sudden involvement added an unexpected twist, keeping fans on their toes.

The showdown between Perez and Asuka was considerably short, wrapping up in just six minutes. The brevity of their face-off didn’t allow the two wrestlers to showcase their skills to the fullest. While the match flowed seamlessly, it seemed to be missing the intensity and climax that fans often look forward to. On the bright side, there were no commercial breaks during this quick bout, ensuring that viewers got to watch the action unfold without interruptions.

Many believe that this isn’t the best these two can offer. With Perez’s potential trajectory towards the main roster in the coming year, it’s possible we could witness a more intense rematch between her and Asuka.

Shotzi’s brief role in the match seemed slightly out of place. Rather than enhancing the narrative, it felt more like a last-minute addition. Nevertheless, it signaled that NXT always has surprises up its sleeve. There’s a buzz suggesting that if Shotzi opts to remain in NXT, a more prominent storyline might await her.

In the end, Asuka won this thriller, defeating Perez with a clear pinfall.

In an action-packed match, The Brawling Brutes (Butch and Ridge Holland) teamed up with Tyler Bate to take on Gallus, comprised of Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey, and Wolfgang.

Before the match could formally start, Gallus ambushed The Brawling Brutes during their entrance. Swiftly reacting, Bate launched himself into the ring, knocking out the Gallus members with a stunning plancha. Weaponry came into play early when Bate used a pool cue against Wolfgang’s eye, and Butch viciously drove a dart into Mark Coffey’s hand. Mark managed to pull the dart out, but Butch wasn’t done, following up with a flying knee off the apron.

Within the ring, chaos ensued. Joe Coffey’s attempt to use a fire extinguisher was thwarted by Holland. In a comedic twist, after Joe’s face was sprayed with the extinguisher, he found himself inside a garbage can, only to be hit by a bowling ball rolled by Bate!

Despite the initial onslaught, Gallus fought back. A highlight moment saw Butch driven through a table. However, the action quickly returned to the ring. In a series of rapid moves, Holland and Bate showcased their strength, lifting Gallus members with airplane spins. The crowd roared in approval when all three wrestlers from The Brawling Brutes and Bate’s team dished out synchronized punches to the face of Gallus.

The fight saw a mix of both technique and brutal moves. Wolfgang attempted a risky somersault senton but failed, hurting his back on the apron. In the midst of the brawl, Holland and Bate attempted to subdue their opponents with submission holds, only for Joe Coffey to interrupt them with sheer force. The “NXT” chants filled the air as the crowd witnessed an accidental hit from Butch to Bate, thanks to a well-timed dodge from Wolfgang.

The intensity escalated further when Holland brought out a table. Each wrestler tried to gain an upper hand, with Wolfgang and Mark Coffey initially managing to double-team Holland. However, Joe Coffey’s springboard coss-body block was a standout moment. A highlight was when Joe drenched Butch with beer, only for Bate to retaliate by smashing a mug into Joe’s face.

The climax of the match arrived when The Brawling Brutes and Bate combined forces, delivering a devastating triple powerbomb to Joe Coffey through the table. Without wasting a moment, Bate went for the pin.

Soon after the match, McKenzie Mitchell was all set for her backstage interview with Lyra Valkyria when Tegan Nox appeared unexpectedly, interrupting the discussion. Nox, with a sense of superiority, congratulated Valkyria on her upcoming match against Becky Lynch for the title. Valkyria reminded Nox of her own unsuccessful attempt at the title, to which Nox defensively stated that Valkyria would have to wait. However, determined Valkyria firmly stated that she wouldn’t let anyone stand in her path to success.

In another backstage moment, John Cena was spotted, hinting at his upcoming segment. As he made his entrance to the ring, the crowd erupted in a deafening cheer, marking Cena’s very first appearance on NXT. Cena, with his signature humor, mentioned the street cred he had earned and acknowledged the uniqueness of the NXT environment. The audience echoed his sentiments with enthusiastic “NXT” chants. Cena expressed his gratitude towards the vibrant crowd and praised their unwavering support for NXT. Amidst the overwhelming support, a solitary voice jeered, “Cena sucks,” to which Cena responded with his signature wit.

He further talked about Carmelo Hayes and how their values align, describing the core values of Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect they both uphold. Their camaraderie was evident.

However, the atmosphere shifted when Bron Breakker’s music blared. Walking out confidently, Breakker confronted Cena. The crowd, responding to Breakker’s entrance, creatively adapted Cena’s theme song into a taunt against Breakker. Undeterred, Breakker claimed the audience was there for him, not Cena. While Cena acknowledged Breakker’s talents, he pointed out a significant flaw in Breakker’s character: a lack of respect. Cena emphasized the importance of attitude in the wrestling business and extended a hand as a gesture of goodwill.

But in a sudden turn of events, Breakker responded with aggression, taking a swing at Cena. A potential face-off was on the horizon. Breakker aimed for a Spear, but Cena’s quick reflexes saved the day. Cena then tried to execute his famous Attitude Adjustment, but Breakker cleverly dodged and retreated.

Backstage, Special Guest General Manager Cody Rhodes had a chance meeting with NXT Tag Team Champions, Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo. D’Angelo approached Rhodes with a concern, hinting at a challenge in finding their next opponents. To resolve this, Lorenzo suggested an exciting solution: a Tag Team Battle Royal. The last two teams standing would then face off to determine who gets the coveted opportunity to battle against them at Halloween Havoc Night One. Rhodes seemed pleased with the idea and promptly named it the Bada Bing, Bada Boom Battle Royal, much to the champions’ delight.

In another backstage segment, McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Baron Corbin. Corbin expressed his frustration, claiming Ilja Dragunov was avoiding him. According to Corbin, Dragunov fears him and is not giving the rightful contender, Corbin, a title opportunity. Corbin had expected Dragunov to be a superior champion compared to Carmelo Hayes, but felt disappointed. Just as the conversation was heating up, LA Knight’s music played, causing Corbin to abruptly leave the scene.

Following this, LA Knight made his grand entrance, receiving a warm and loud reception from the audience.

The air was thick with tension as “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio, accompanied by Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley, took on the reigning champion Ilja Dragunov. The added twist? LA Knight was the Special Guest Referee.

The match kicked off with Dragunov’s swift moves as he quickly brought down Mysterio with a side headlock. Showcasing his strength, Dragunov followed up with a hip toss and a scoop slam. Mysterio, demonstrating his strategic skills, momentarily put distance between him and Dragunov. However, the two quickly locked horns again.

While Mysterio tried to gain control with a side headlock, Dragunov managed to pin him, albeit for just a one-count. Mysterio retaliated with shoulder thrusts and managed to land a punch. But Dragunov, not to be outdone, sent Mysterio crashing with a chop.

After a brief commercial break, Mysterio tried to showcase his famed Three Amigos move. Although he executed two of them, Dragunov resisted the third. In the midst of the match, Mysterio’s emotional shout of “Mami!” echoed, but Dragunov was relentless, hitting Mysterio with a wrist clutch German Suplex.

Dragunov continued his dominance, delivering chop after chop, bouncing Mysterio off the turnbuckles. Mysterio tried to turn the tables with his signature 619 move, narrowly getting a near fall. The battle reached a climax atop the ropes, where Dragunov successfully delivered a superplex to Mysterio.

In a sudden twist, Mysterio managed a DDT on the apron, aiming to further weaken Dragunov. However, Dragunov’s counter-attack was powerful, landing Mysterio with a fearsome powerbomb followed by the H-Bomb.

Just when it seemed the match would have a clear conclusion, Finn Balor and JD McDonagh rushed to the scene. LA Knight, not just a passive referee, engaged, fending off Balor and landing McDonagh with a Blunt Force Trauma. Rhea Ripley attempted to intervene, but Trick Williams was quick to prevent her, leading to Ripley’s evident frustration.

Capitalizing on the chaos, Dragunov seized the moment and delivered the decisive Torpedo Moscow, pinning Mysterio to retain his title. Ilja Dragunov stood tall, winning the match, and still the NXT Champion.

Baron Corbin made his entrance, but before he could settle in, Dijak blindsided Dragunov with a surprise attack. After the assault, Dijak turned to Corbin, stating that he got to Dragunov first. Dijak made it clear that Dragunov was his target, before leaving the scene.

Backstage, John Cena was seen having a chat with Carmelo Hayes. Hayes expressed his gratitude for Cena’s support and showed his displeasure at Bron Breakker’s actions. Suddenly, Trick Williams appeared. While Hayes apologized to Williams for an earlier incident, Cena reassured them both about their future championship opportunities. Williams sought advice from Cena, with Cena suggesting a later discussion.

Meanwhile, NXT Anonymous captured a moment between Paul Heyman and Ava backstage. Adding to the excitement, another SUV pulled up, revealing Jade Cargill. She was warmly greeted by none other than Shawn Michaels.

Lola Vice, along with Elektra Lopez, made her way to the ring as the NXT Breakout Tournament was set to proceed.

Corbin’s night continued as he was approached by Special Guest General Manager Cody Rhodes. Corbin demanded a title match, referring to past grievances with Rhodes. While acknowledging Corbin’s past victory over Dragunov, Rhodes pointed out that Dijak also had a claim. He offered Corbin a deal: to get his title shot, he must defeat both Dijak and the winner of the Hayes vs. Breakker match. This did not sit well with Corbin.

In another backstage segment, NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio and Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley were spotted. Nathan Frazer confronted Mysterio, advising him to treat others better. However, Ripley brushed off Frazer, implying he wasn’t on their championship level.

In a thrilling matchup, Lola Vice, accompanied by Elektra Lopez, faced off against Dani Palmer in the NXT Breakout Tournament. The match saw them locked in a stalemate early on. Palmer’s head-scissor move was countered by Vice with a side headlock. Vice’s agility led her to knock Palmer down with a shoulder tackle. After a series of fast-paced moves, Vice landed a superkick, placing Palmer in a tight spot. However, Palmer’s resilience shone through as she evaded many of Vice’s attempts to finish the match. Despite Palmer’s effort, Vice delivered a spinning heel kick, clinching the victory. Lola Vice now awaits the winner of the match between Karmen Petrovic and Jaida Parker.

Meanwhile, at Chase University, there’s anticipation for the Bada Bing, Bada Boom Battle Royal. Backstage, Bron Breakker shared a moment with Paul Heyman. Heyman reminisced about his time with Breakker’s father and uncle, hinting at Breakker’s potential WrestleMania main event future. The confident Breakker was unfazed, determined to face any obstacle, including Carmelo Hayes or even John Cena.

Brian Pillman Jr. took a nostalgic trip to watch his father’s footage. Despite the admiration many hold for his father’s legacy, Pillman’s sentiments were of pain and loss, having lost his father at a young age. Determined to carve out his own legacy, he adopted the name ‘King’.

Paul Heyman then took center stage, acknowledging his alliance with Roman Reigns. With pride, Heyman introduced the talented “Bad Ass” Bron Breakker to the NXT universe.

In the next bout, Carmelo Hayes, with John Cena by his side, squared off against Bron Breakker, who had Paul Heyman in his corner. The match started with quick strikes and reversals. Hayes managed to dodge Breakker’s aggressive moves early on, showing off his quick reflexes. As the match progressed, Breakker’s power moves seemed to dominate, but Hayes’ agility and resilience kept him in the fight. A turning point came when Hayes avoided Breakker’s Spear, causing Breakker to crash into the ring post. With Cena and Heyman watching intently from ringside, the match’s momentum shifted multiple times.

Outside the ring, drama unfolded as Cena and Solo Sikoa got into a scuffle, taking the attention away momentarily. Hayes capitalized on this distraction, landing a Codebreaker on Breakker. Despite Breakker’s best efforts, Hayes executed the ‘Nothing But Net’, sealing the victory. Carmelo Hayes won the match.

Just when Hayes was celebrating his victory, the Bell rings! The crowd cheers, and guess whom we have here in the WWE NXT episode today, “The UNDERTAKER.” He rides his motorcycle around the ring, stops it and gets to the ring to the face of Breakker looking into his eyes. The crowd chants, “Holy Shit” at him. Breakker says He is the only Bad Ass around here! Just when he was saying this, The Undertaker grabs the mic, and he says, he was watching Bron for a long time. Adding it up he says, Bron is gonna be a special talent one day, but today is not the day. The Undertaker gives him a right hand and drops him. He then picks up the Bron Breakker and gives him a chokeslam. Taker leans on Bron and says, there’s always someone bigger and badder, and Breakker has just met the baddest of them all! Undertaker celebrated with Carmelo Hayes as the event ended today.

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