WWE Is Likely To Add New Members To The LWO

8 months ago By Sports Desk

WWE may be considering enlarging the ranks of the LWO (Latino World Order) in the future, which would be an exciting move for fans of the brand. The LWO, a faction that gained popularity under the leadership of Rey Mysterio, has been a hot seller for WWE with strong merchandise sales. Now, with the potential addition of Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo, WWE aims to boost both talent and storytelling within the faction.

Expanding the LWO:

The LWO faction, originally started by Eddie Guerrero in WCW, has found new life in WWE. Led by Rey Mysterio, it has garnered significant fan support. Recently, former Legado del Fantasma members, including Santos Escobar, Zelina Vega, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz Del Toro, joined forces with Mysterio, solidifying the LWO’s status as a beloved faction.

The Potential New Members:

Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo, who have been undergoing character transformations, are prime candidates for joining the LWO. In a recent episode of NXT they emphasized their Mexican heritage and family wrestling legacy, hinting at a shift towards a babyface persona. Whether they stay together or split up, adding one or both of them to the LWO upon their return to the main roster seems like a logical step. WWE fans are likely to embrace this move.

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Preventing Mistakes of the Past:

WWE is cautious about expanding the LWO too rapidly, learning from the mistakes made by WCW with similar factions. They want to ensure that the group doesn’t become too large or lose its appeal to fans. This thoughtful approach to expansion is a promising sign that WWE is committed to keeping the LWO fresh and engaging.

Future Storyline Possibilities:

The addition of Garza and Carrillo to the LWO opens up exciting storyline possibilities. It could lead to developments such as Santos Escobar leaving the group or other members taking on new roles. This potential expansion not only enhances the faction’s depth but also creates intrigue for WWE storylines.

WWE’s consideration of adding Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo to the LWO is a promising move that could inject new life into the faction. With careful planning and a focus on storytelling, WWE aims to avoid the pitfalls of past faction expansions. As fans eagerly await these developments, the LWO’s future looks bright, and WWE’s commitment to keeping things fresh is commendable.

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